About Me

My name is Jeremy Paquette. Since 2013, I've worked as an audiovisual technician for live events, and also helped companies who need support with meeting spaces ranging from basic to bespoke. I've found that the work I do satisfies my need for creativity, hands-on problem solving, and getting to do something different every day. I've always got a project on the go. With training in theatrical production, carpentry, and lighting, I've worked on shows ranging from an annual Christmas concert to a student-produced theatre festival. I have training on equipment like the Ross Carbonite video switcher, and the GrandMA2, ETC Ion, and ETC Element lighting consoles. Outside the theatre, I've learned from system integrators and network professionals. Technology carries an incredible opportunity to enhance art and professional presentations. By learning from every area, I can bring those benefits everywhere. Contact me anytime at .